PANDIA addresses the problem of the perceived intransparency of data usage conditions of interactive assistance systems. Through automated evaluation and processing based on AI algorithms, the essence of the data usage conditions is extracted. Furthermore, legal and complicated formulations are visualized in a linguistically simplified and understandable way, but still presented in a legally compliant form. First, the data usage conditions of the interactive assistance systems are tracked down from various sources, such as apps, websites, digital and analog documents and converted into a machine-processable format. For this purpose, the project will develop a cross-platform plug-in system and a mobile client for the different operating systems. The raw data will then be examined using keyword and AI-based analysis and the data will be converted into a uniform format. For this purpose, legally compliant benchmarking parameters must first be defined and evaluated in the project. In the next step, the processed data usage conditions will be presented in a form that is understandable for the user. In addition, a central collection including the possibility to compare all analyzed data usage conditions is to be developed by building the knowledge platform Pandipedia.

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