Research & Innovation

Research forms the foundation of our developments. For years, Ascora GmbH has been involved in various national and international research projects in order to keep up with the times. Research is the key factor in our success. Our core competences are: cloud-supported big data management; elastic and scalable systems (processing of more than 350 million requests per month); secure, distributed IT systems; and the creation of user-friendly software tools (mobile, desktop, and web).

Consumer Software

We have been developing software programs for consumers for over 25 years. It is important to us to create intuitive products that even someone with limited experience can use immediately. Over 18 million customers rely on our Abelssoft brand products, which are available in 16 different languages. Whether you are looking for a tool for your Windows, Mac, or mobile phone, you are sure to find the right solution with us. Our programs are often characterized by one-click solutions that are intuitive to use and provide professional results in just a few steps.


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The reward for good work

The best proof of an all-round successful company are the awards it has received for various achievements. Ascora GmbH is one of the leading German software manufacturers – as evidenced by our customer recommendations as well as numerous awards from renowned media outlets, organizations, and associations. Such widespread recognition speaks for itself and confirms the quality of our work. Every prize, seal of approval, and award encourages us to continue embarking on innovative projects. In addition to attaining recognition from experts and expert committees, we want to demonstrate to our customers that our products are innovative and forward-looking. This is demonstrated by the details regarding our numerous awards.


Ascora is one of only a few companies to receive the coveted TOP-COMPANY award, which the independent employer assessment portal Kununu awards to only 5.4% of all its employers. Companies are evaluated directly and anonymously by (former) employees and applicants. The winners are determined based on a 70/30 combined weighting of the top ratings (70%) and the number of benefits offered to employees (30%). This award is not easy to retain, as the TOP-COMPANY status is revoked if the overall employee/applicant ratings become negative. The fact that Ascora has received this prestigious award is an indication that employees feel at home here.

Deloitte Fast 50

Ascora received the “Technology Fast 50 Award” from the renowned auditing company Deloitte for its development into one of Germany’s fastest-growing technology companies. With this award, Deloitte honors the 50 fastest-growing companies in Germany. The winners are determined by identifying which companies have achieved the highest average percentage of sales growth in the preceding four financial years. Ascora ranked among the leaders in this field and received the coveted award. The company is also expecting continued growth in the future, making it one of the most rapidly developing companies in the world.

Growth Champion

The well-known magazine FOCUS-BUSINESS, in cooperation with market research company Statista, awarded Ascora GmbH the title of one of the fastest-growing companies in Germany. Statista compared the most promising companies from among approximately two million companies on the commercial register by means of a cross-industry survey. In total, only 500 companies made it to the final evaluation. The companies with the highest growth balance, who strengthen Germany as a business location in the long term, give the economy and society important innovation, and create jobs were then officially named “Growth Champions” by FOCUS-BUSINESS magazine.

Top Employers

Ascora has already received the coveted “Top Employer in Medium-Sized Businesses” award several times. The awards from FOCUS-BUSINESS and Kununu are presented to companies that stand out from the crowd in terms of employer ratings. In addition to a good long-term Kununu score, the relative comparison with other companies of the same size is also revealing. The market research company Statista evaluated more than 143,500 assessments to determine the top employers, and Ascora was one of the companies identified. The fact that Ascora has already received this award several times indicates that employees feel comfortable in the company on a long-term basis.

We are
using new

State-Of-The-Art Technologies as the Basis for Innovation

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, such as Docker, SOA, MongoDB, ELK, and Gluster, we can guarantee continued innovation and competitiveness. Our work in numerous national and international research and technical development projects creates a professional experimental space in which we can get to know, experience, and try out the latest technologies. Only in this way can we transfer the full benefit potential of the latest technologies to our customers and support them effectively in designing and improving their daily processes with our software.

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This Is What We Stand For: Sustainability and Equality

Our company headquarters was constructed together with an environmental protection organization and is almost completely biodegradable. As far as possible, environmentally friendly materials were used. The building is a creative space which exudes a harmonious, feel-good atmosphere. The architectural elements are not only unique, but the building is also environmentally friendly. On-site ecological water treatment as well as thermal insulation of the roof by means of edible chives are two examples of our focus on sustainability .


We at Ascora see equality and diversity as enriching for a company and its daily operations. At Ascora, we are an equal opportunity employer, where individuals of all genders assume management positions . Team members of various backgrounds and languages are welcomed. At present, more than 50 employees of over 6 different nationalities and diverse expertise work collaboratively and benefit noticeably from this diversity. Due to the continued implementation of the values of equality and diversity, we create a motivating working environment for everyone and have established ourselves as one of the preferred employers in our.