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We are looking for a software developer to join our team.

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We currently offer Master theses / Bachelor theses and Internships.

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  • What we can offer
    working environment

    Unique Working Environment

    We are a young, creative and open team, which is also reflected in our office building. The rooms are friendly and very individual. Working here is fun and offers a working environment you won’t find a second time in Germany. In addition to creative workspaces, we also offer an incomparable sauna and shower room.

  • Carpools

    Our company is located in Ganderkesee in northern Germany - directly between Bremen and Oldenburg - in the immediate vicinity of the A28 motorway. In order to make the journey from the surrounding area as easy as possible, we have formed car pools from/to Bremen and Oldenburg. So if you don’t live directly in Ganderkesee, you can still get to us quickly and cheaply not only by bus and train.


    Enjoy Freedom

    We firmly believe that you feel most comfortable in your personal working environment and can therefore work most effectively. That's why you can set up your working environment individually. You may use your laptop privately if you want to and you have full access without any restrictions.

  • Further Education

    We never stop, because nowadays it is important to recognize new trends and to educate oneself further. This is why we actively promote the learning of new technologies. We constantly come into contact with new technologies, learn new programming languages and try out innovative approaches.


    Fruit Flat Rate

    Fruit keeps the body fit, is healthy and the best: You get it at our free disposal. No matter if apples, kiwis, bananas, plums, pears or oranges - we have a full fruit basket every day, where you can help yourself freely.

  • Company Pension Scheme

    The future of our employees is important to us and that is why we invest up to € 480.00 per year in each colleague’s pension plan upon request. The contributions flow directly into the private pension, free of taxes and social security contributions. It is up to each individual to decide whether they wish to take advantage of the supplement or to top up the contribution subsidised by us.

  • bahncard

    Free BahnCard

    With us, every employee receives a BahnCard Business as a gift. We usually work from our office, but from time to time we also meet with other project partners or attend conferences or events. In return we offer the BahnCard 25, which can also be used privately for all journeys. This also applies to the Bahn bonus points programme.

    Company Fitness

    Health is important to us. That’s why we offer a company fitness program and pay a subsidy every month: For only €20 per month you can train at almost 500 gyms, swimming pools and saunas. Here is a list of our studios.

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  • Discretion

    Already got a job? No problem, we won’t tell anyone about the application! We also do not ask for certificates or evaluations of previous employers. An evening phone call and later you only need to invest a few hours to get to know each other.

  • sick

    Child Sick Days

    A child can quickly become ill and must be cared for. In such cases you can take up to 5 days off without having to take a holiday. So you can take care of your child in peace and do not have to worry.

  • Excellent Employer

    We have already received several awards from the magazine Focus as a top medium-sized employer (2018 and 2020). We are small enough to be able to react flexibly and quickly and we all still know each other. At the same time, we are big enough to offer a stable working environment. We organise and pay for team events and team weekends.


    Welcome Package

    With us everyone decides for himself what he wants to use: Better an Ultrabook with Windows or perhaps nevertheless rather a MacBook? With us everyone can decide freely. The computers can also be used privately. Nobody talks into the software equipment or forbids the installation of programs. Would you like a special chair, an extra bright work lamp, a chic mouse or other office equipment? No problem: we set up each workstation as you wish.