The project aims to create a digital platform called SmartAlyse that will connect manufacturing companies, end-users, and experts. This platform, which is a Smart Analysis Platform, will facilitate communication and data exchange. One of its unique features is the use of augmented reality glasses to provide assistance during sample collection. This feature will reduce cognitive load and potential errors by providing precise spatially located information. Remote experts can also participate in the sampling process using interactive visual and verbal communication tools. The platform also includes a data management component that will allow for the secure and efficient exchange of large, time-critical data, without the need to use physical media. SmartAlyse will provide process visualization with prognoses and a prioritization system, enabling relevant individuals to act promptly. Experts and potential users will be involved in workshops to evaluate the implementation of the platform. The Fraunhofer IFAM will provide additional insights from their daily business to integrate into the project requirements.

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