The aim of the PflanzMit! project is to support the active involvement of the city’s population in urban green care and design in the city.

While larger green spaces are taking care of by local administration, smaller green spaces between 15-500m² are more or less ignored. These areas give a huge potential to change the appearance of a townscape. These areas could even be used to support insects, as feel-good areas or for crops. As a side effect working as a neighbourhood together on smaller green spaces has a social effect. It helps to reduce social isolation and improve communication in the neighbourhood.

The main result of the project is a mobile app. This helps the population of a city to identify with their district and helps with organizing urban green care. The users can create and discover care groups, claim green spaces and also involve local administration to the system. Further, it helps with the planning, includes a virtual log as well as tools for finding green spaces and automated events. It also includes an AI which gives recommendations regarding plant selection and care. External people can leave feedback, ideas or remarks via a scan of a QR code. This code gets directly transferred to the group.

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