The project is about assisting voice disorder therapies with analysis of posture, voice and facial expressions.

A voice disorder (dysphonie) is when the performance of the voice is limited and its sound is altered or lowered. Dysphonia can have many different causes. Most of the time, the causes are harmless and the voice disorder goes away on its own. Sometimes, however, there can be serious voice disorders which stay and these patients are what the project focuses on. With the help of voice therapy, the voice can often be significantly improved. Especially the functional voice therapy, which will be worked on in LAOLA, is pretty effective and has shown good long lasting results.

The goal of LAOLA is to create an app which shows videos regarding voice, posture and breathing training. With the help of AI, mouth movement, voice and posture will be analysed and corrected in real time. Further, the therapist is able to communicate with the patient, see the progress and can choose the training based on the progress of the patient.

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