Business Software

We develop B2B products that are always geared to the needs of the respective industry in terms of functionality, scalability and handling. For the construction industry, it is possible to analyze a problem of defect detection, which is why we developed Flink2Go. Thanks to a revolutionary approach, defects can be detected quickly and intuitively directly on the construction site. Our Link2Market software, on the other hand, helps sellers worldwide to post their offers on many different platforms such as Ebay, Amazon and Co with just one click.

Research & Innovation

Research forms the solid foundation of our developments. For years, Ascora GmbH has been successfully involved in various national and international research projects in order to keep up with the times. Research is the key factor for our success. Our key competences are: Cloud-supported big data management, elastic and scalable systems (processing of more than 350 million requests/month), secure, distributed IT systems and the creation of user-friendly software tools (mobile, desktop, web).

Consumer Software

We have been developing software programs for consumers for over 25 years. It is important to us to create intuitive products that even a computer layperson can use immediately. Over 18 million customers in 16 languages rely on our Abelssoft brand products. No matter whether you are looking for a tool for your Windows, Mac or mobile phone, you are sure to find the right solution with us. Our programs are often characterized by 1-click solutions, with which you intuitively and in just a few steps get a result as from a professional.

The reward for good work

The best proof of an all-round successful company are its awards for a wide variety of achievements. Ascora GmbH is one of the leading German software manufacturers and this is noticeable. We are not only particularly proud of our customer recommendations, but are also able to present numerous certificates from renowned media, organizations and associations. Such awards speak for themselves and confirm us in our work. Every prize, every seal of approval and every award encourages us to continue tackling innovative projects. In addition to experts and expert committees, we want to convince our customers of our forward-looking products in the future. Let us convince you here in detail of some of our awards.

We are using new technologies

State-Of-The-Art Technologies as the Basis for Innovation

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies such as Docker, SOA, MongoDB, ELK and Gluster, we can guarantee innovation and competitiveness for decades. Our work in numerous national and international (RTD) projects creates a professional experimental space in which we can get to know, experience and try out the latest technologies. Only in this way can we transport the full benefit potential of the latest technologies to our customers and support them effectively and effectively in designing and improving their daily processes with our software.

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This Is What We Stand For: Sustainability and Equality

Our company building was built together with an environmental protection organisation and is almost completely biodegradable. As much environmentally friendly materials as possible have been used. The creative building, which creates a harmonious feel-good concept from all existing forms, is not only unusual, but also largely environmentally friendly. An own ecological water treatment as well as a thermal insulation of the roof by means of edible chives speaks for itself.


We at Ascora see equality as an enrichment for a company and its daily cooperation. At Ascora, women work in management positions just like their male colleagues. The origin or language is also irrelevant to us. At present, more than 35 employees from different backgrounds, over 6 different nationalities and diverse expertise work together hand in hand and benefit noticeably from this constructive diversity. In this way, we create a motivating working environment for everyone and are one of the most preferred employers in our industry thanks to the continuous implementation of such values.